Road Traffic Engineering

The department of road traffic engineering comprises the planning, tendering and construction supervision of road equipment and road safety measures in the course of new construction, conversion and extension of roads and buildings. The focus is on the planning and tendering of traffic safety work and passive protective equipment for motorways, federal and state roads as well as on the construction sequence planning of motorway construction sites.

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Head of department:
Dipl.-Ing. (FH)
Ulrike Busmann

The performance spectrum includes:

  • Draft and execution planning
  • Commitment to the planning of construction progress and construction times
  • Specialist and integrated tenders
  • Cost calculations
  • Local construction supervision
  • Construction overhead line
  • Project management and coordination, Project controlling

Construction progress planning

  • Construction sequence and construction time planning taking into account all trades affected by the construction measure
  • Creation of traffic management concepts
  • Creation of construction sequence plans (schematised or on the basis of site plans)

Traffic safety

  • Planning of job security in accordance with RSA
  • Creation of construction site-related traffic management plans, traffic sign plans and plans for diversion signage
  • Creation of modified traffic sign plans for construction sites with shorter duration
  • Creating sign designs
  • Creation of preliminary statics for installation devices
  • Planning of mobile traffic jam warning systems (LED technology and prismatic inverters)

Vehicle restraint systems

  • planning of vehicle restraint systems with determination of the required performance classes based on RPS
  • System neutral and system-related planning and tendering
  • Graphical representation of the vehicle restraint systems on the basis of the road construction detailed design
  • Schematic representation of the vehicle restraint systems in track belts (presentation of the required dismantling and assembly work in tabular form during the construction phase)
  • Creation of control cross-sections and detail drawings
  • Development of special solutions on the basis of RPS
  • Static calculations, e.g. for safeguarding buildings
  • As-built survey and evaluation of vehicle restraint systems with particular regard to ARS 28/2010 and 11/2013 (retrofitting obligations); development of priority lists and construction programmes for the implementation of necessary measures


  • planning of StVO- and trailblazing signage according to RWBA and RWB
  • Planning of variable message signs
  • Creation of signposting plans (overview plans, site plans)
  • Creating sign designs
  • Creation of site drawings
  • Static calculations for set-up devices
  • Creation of dismantling and assembly lists

Road marking

  • Create marking plans on the basis of the RMS
  • Creation of standard cross-sections for road markings

Wildlife fences

  • Create overview maps/maps
  • Creation of cross profiles and detail drawings

Environmental construction supervision

Within the framework of environmental construction supervision, environmentally relevant obligations from approval procedures as well as legal requirements relating to the protection of the environment are taken into account in the course of the realisation of construction projects across all trades.

Used in good time and with foresight in the planning process, in construction preparation and in construction, environmental construction supervision contributes to avoiding follow-up costs for the project-executing agency, e.g. by ordering protective measures or by necessary changes to construction processes as well as environmental damage.

Equipped with the certificate for the “Special Expertise Environmental Construction Supervision”, eberhardt – die ingenieure GmbH Umweltbaubegleitung carries out environmental construction supervision for road and bridge construction projects in the course of construction preparation and execution.