Supplementary Processing

In many construction projects, changes in the scope of services and disruptions in the construction process lead to supplementary claims by the contractor and often to considerable conflict potential between the contracting parties.

Unresolved supplements burden the relationship between the parties to the contract, tie up capacities and, in the event of delayed clarification, can further increase costs.

The department Supplementary Processing checks the remuneration entitlements for additional or changed contract services (Supplementary or Claim Management).

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Head of department:
Dipl.-Ing. (TU)
Lothar Kröger

The performance spectrum includes:

  • Content inspection
  • examination on the merits (basis of claim)
  • height check according to (entitlement height)
  • Creating comparative calculations
  • preparation, participation in and conduct of price negotiations
  • Create Supplementary Agreements
  • Creation of agreements to settle claims for damages and compensation
  • Documentation of the procedure