Road Design

The road design department covers all services of phases 1 to 5 of the HOAI for new construction, conversion and extension of classified roads as well as municipal and commercial infrastructure measures and outdoor facilities.

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Head of department:
Dipl.-Ing. (FH)
Dirk Fehr

Head of department:
Dipl.-Ing. (FH)
Frank Wolters

The range of services of the road design department includes:

  • Drafting according to RE for motorways, state, federal and county roads, through roads, main roads and access roads
  • intersections, roundabouts
  • Tank, detent and PWC systems
  • Bourneys
  • Bicycle traffic systems
  • Public transport systems
  • Restoration of ceilings
  • Creation of grant applications
  • Release calculations
  • Trac curve checks
  • Variant investigations
  • Design examinations

Road safety audit

The safety audit is a systematic and formalised procedure, which should optimally consider the interests of road safety for all road users when planning and designing roads.

Used in good time in the planning process, it helps to identify possible safety deficits at an early stage and to avoid follow-up costs for subsequent conversion measures after completion of the construction measure.

Safety audits are carried out by certified auditors who can provide evidence of appropriate training and continuing education measures.

eberhardt – die ingenieure GmbH has the qualification to carry out safety audits for:

  • motorways
  • Rural roads
  • Local crossings
  • main roads
  • Development roads