Steel and Mechanical Engineering

The Steel and Mechanical Engineering Department is able to implement all HOAI work phases for new construction, conversion and repair of steel structures of all kinds and of technical equipment. In addition, tests, appraisals and recalculations of existing structures according to DIN 1076 are offered. Our team has many years of experience in hydraulic steel engineering, materials handling technology and in the planning of movable and fixed bridges.

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Head of department:
Dipl.-Ing. (FH)
Alexander May

Dipl.-Ing. (FH)
Matthias Neubert

The performance spectrum includes:

  • Object and structural planning
  • Planning of technical equipment
  • Preliminary Planning and Variant Investigations
  • Draft, approval and execution planning
  • Creating workshop drawings ready for production
  • Assembling verifiable static calculations
  • Drawing up of mechanical engineering calculations
  • Creating tender documents
  • Production and construction supervision
  • Overhead of construction, contract management
  • Assessment opinions
  • Recalculation of existing buildings
  • Examination of existing structures
  • checking of drawings with regard to construction, welding technology and contract
  • Consulting services on the Machinery Directive
  • Building inspections/building inspection
  • assisting with approvals in individual cases
  • 3D modeling

Steel bridge construction

Our experienced engineers and designers plan steel constructions of any kind from the draft to the workshop documents. The spectrum ranges from traffic sign bridges to fixed steel bridges to movable bridges such as hinged, swing and lift bridges.

Steel hydraulic engineering

We plan and supervise steel and mechanical engineering structures in hydraulic steel engineering throughout all work phases.

Hydraulic steel engineering places very special demands on the areas of structural design and construction. Drive technology plays an important role in this. Based on many years of experience in the new construction and basic overhaul of hydraulic engineering systems, such as ship lifts, locks, weirs and flood protection systems, our engineers and designers can develop steel and mechanical engineering solutions adapted to the respective situation.

In the course of flood protection, the assessment of older hydraulic steel structures is becoming increasingly important. Within the scope of such assessments, our engineers can provide the following services: Inventory surveys, recalculations, engineering assessment of the results, planning of repair measures and, if necessary, new construction measures for steel structures and drive technology.


The mechanical engineering sector comprises the design and development of individual machine components through to complete drive systems. In order to ensure the service life of the components, our engineers use various proven calculation methods. Furthermore, existing plants can be checked and recalculated by us.

Conveyor technology

Adapted to customer requirements, we develop structural solutions and designs for steel and mechanical engineering in the field of materials handling technology. The design and construction are carried out according to the valid country-specific standards. In the course of extending the service life of old plants, our engineers have experience in verifying the remaining service life. In the event of performance increases on existing plants or in the event of damage, our engineers are able to inspect, recalculate and evaluate the plant at home and abroad. On this basis, reinforcement measures can be determined and designed.

Special constructions/
steel construction

Thanks to our many years of experience in steel construction and mechanical engineering, we are able to find individual solutions. Our engineers plan constructions tailored to customer requirements.