Quality Assurance in Steel Construction/Corrosion Protection

With our experienced and qualified specialists, we offer services worldwide to check the quality of execution in the areas of steel construction, welding technology and corrosion protection.

From the planning and execution phase through to project completion, we accompany the manufacture, assembly or repair of construction measures in bridge construction, steel water construction and building construction as well as industrial and power plant facilities.

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Head of department:
Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Jörn Plate
Branch Manager

The performance spectrum includes:

  • Technical advice in all execution phases and for repair measures
  • testing of welding and corrosion protection technical design documents
  • Creation of technical implementation instructions, QA working plans as well as renovation or repair concepts
  • Creating invitations to tender for repair measures
  • Expediting (quality and schedule control measures)
  • Conduction of manufacturer audits with regard to sufficient technical and personnel production or assembly requirements
  • Supervision of supplier companies
  • Control of the building materials used, including the associated test certificates and material traceability
  • testing of the welding consumables and welding consumables used with regard to their area of application and approvals
  • Production and assembly monitoring of all steel construction, welding and corrosion protection work (including galvanizing of components in accordance with DASt-Richtlinie-022)
  • performance or monitoring of required dimensional checks or leakage tests
  • Conducting and monitoring non-destructive tests on welds or base materials – visual inspection (VT), penetrant inspection (PT), magnetic particle testing (MT), ultrasonic testing (UT), X-ray testing (RT)
  • Conducting and monitoring of non-destructive and destructive tests on coatings and metallic coatings as well as accompanying inspection of corrosion protection work
  • Drawing of material samples and material tests (here we cooperate with qualified and certified test laboratories)
  • Examination of the manufacturing and assembly documentation
  • accompaniment of technical approvals
  • Conduction of building inspections according to DIN 1076 and object-related damage analyses (OSA)
  • Specialist employee training
  • Inspection body according to ZTV-ING Part 4, Section 3, Annex E
  • performance of corrosion protection analyses and corrosion protection expertises
  • DIN-approved coating inspectors